The company is now called Danish Audio Design International and can be recognized by our new logo – the cat that adorns our devices. It is being run by Bitten and Jan Harbo Jakobsen. Bitten has a lot of experience in dealing with customer needs and also bring a different perspective to the business, where Jan has a lot of experience with inventions and worldwide export. Together we will bring Danish Audio Design International forward with innovative solutions and the best products in the business.


The company has set a task to make the best high-end hi-fi products, all of which are handmade to order and pleasing to the ear – they can play music so it’s a real pleasure. Danish Audio Design International continues to develop state-of-the-art digital products, setting the bar higher than anyone else.
Welcome to a world where making something unique, is what drives Danish Audio Design International.

The Team

Here’s what makes DAD International tick – our great team!

Managing Director and Inventor (+45) 72 20 03 35

Jan Harbo Jakobsen

Electronic Engineer

Steffen Zacher Nielsen

Speaker Engineer

Torben Mikkelsen

Accountant (+45) 28 92 54 60

Benny Tang

Marketing and Investment Manager (+45) 22 55 25 18

Bitten Harbo Jakobsen

International Sales Manager 1-407-257-3111

Steve French

Our Partners

At Danish Audio Design International we are very proud of the fact that we only use Danish suppliers to deliver us the parts we need for our products. We strive to make sure that this is the case, not for monetary gain but for the extremely high degree of cooperation that our local suppliers give us when creating high-end audio products.