The Truth

How come this loudspeaker play so extremely accurate and realistic…?
First of all, we are dealing with a true 4-way system! Not the easy way out when it comes to speaker design, but it gives a huge advantage, when it comes to reproducing sound.

Let’s begin from the low foundation of bass:
4 x 10 kg 11” woofers equipped with high performance motor system. Huge voice coil, vented pole piece, and the extreme magnet system ensure that we get very fast and very deep and nuanced reproduction of the lower area from 150 Hz and down to 17 Hz!
They are mounted in a cabinet big enough, to support those drivers, without the necessity of balance it with any kind of DSP or correction circuits!

When we move up to the mid-bass area, we look at two 7” drivers, each capable of handling the smooth transition from the 4 woofers to perfection. They take care of the lower voicing, the body of instruments and sound up to where the details require even smaller units.
2 x 4” paper cone drivers are where the magic of voice kicks in. To have this much membrane area available in all areas of the sound, gives a surplus of energy available and therefor less distortion compared to the wider range of speakers we see today.

Finally, we reach the top. From 3000 Hz to 30.000 Hz, the dome kicks in. Again, very smoothly thanks the specially designed crossover network, dedicated to balance out the whole system, with a minimum of components, due to correct choice of driver placements and sizes.

The choice of using natural materials for all drivers, like paper for the lower parts and textile for the tweeter, is very simple; natural materials does not contribute with artificial sound like many composite – and plastic cones does.

All you need to do now, is choose a well dimensioned amp, and enjoy your music in a way that brings you so close to the performers, that it almost becomes scary realistic on well recorded media.

Enjoy “The Truth”
– It is build to last!