Silver Edition

How do you enhance what you believe is already perfected? We have taken our speakers and upgraded them to an even higher standard. Here are the major changes in The Grail Silver Edition:

  • New faster and deeper reaching aluminium bass units
  • Vented box for better bass performance
  • At a higher sound pressure the aluminium speaker membranes will not be stressed when normal units would suffer, allowing you to play even louder with perfect clarity.

The ultimate speakers

We set out to create a speaker that would fit into our philosophy of creating the best audio experience available. After a lot of work we believe the result speaks for itself when you hear what they can achieve.

They provide a wide soundstage, are extremely fast and can handle anything you feed them without breaking a sweat. These are the finest band speakers you can find, with custom Mundorf units made especially for us.

The whole bass section is created with no loss in the crossover and a part of the speaker is bipolar which gives us much more room and authenticity in the soundstage they deliver.

Custom options

The speakers can be customized to your liking when you order and can include:

  • Any color you want
  • The stand can be adapted if you want it in different measurements than the standard
  • Aluminium bass units can be ordered instead of the normal units and they provide an even faster response and less distortion.

If you have any special requests, please don’t hesitate to contact us.