– a brand new approach to speaker design!

When we are building speakers, it is always with the intention, to make something unique and beautiful, with a great sound. Enjoyable for many years and not least; At a reasonable price.

We are so proud to present this speaker, because it is a quite different and streamlined design, compared to other speakers. Which is also very different is – among other things – the Woofer! Take a look at it, have You seen anything like that?? AND what about the air-coils? We can tell: You won’t be disappointed. The sound is simply incredible! The Bass sound is tight, detailed and by no means annoying to listen to. This speaker really can offer a huge sound-stage and take You directly to the concert-hall!

Height: 210 cm

Width: 74 cm ( the top is 10 cm)

Depth: 35 cm

weigth: 235 kg

Crossover: 100Hz/500Hz/2000Hz

Frequency range: 29 Hz – 24000 Hz

Sensivity: At least 99 dB

Woofer: 21″

Midrange: 7,5″

Tweeter: 7,5″