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Our Selection Of Incredible Preamplifiers


Our Powerful Stereo And Mono-block Amplifiers

For all our amplifiers, we have chosen the very best handmade transformers, which are specially made for us. The datas are extreme, which is very clear when You hear the amplifier: Very fast in the middle and the top of the sound, and with a huge amount of power, that gives the power supply more than enough to work with, during the bass play.

Our power supply capacitors from Mundorf are also very big, and furthermore specially made. That means they last a lifetime, have an incredible ability to stabilize the power supply and to give the sound an unique image.

The basic datas for all our Power Amplifier stages are as followed:

Maximum input (unbalanced): 1.2 volt RMS
Maximum input (balanced): 2.4 volt RMS
Frequency Response: 10 Hz – 25 KHz
Gain: ~30 dB (10 – 25 KHz)
Maximun power output (depending of power supply and type of amplifier):
364 W – 800 W in 4 ohm (RMS)


Incredible Line-source Speakers

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