We are proud to present our XL Phono Stage and our XL Power Supply.

Many claim that they make the worlds best high-end gear. We don’t, we just do it.

For a number of years people have asked me if I would create a crazy phono stage for them, on the basis of what I know and how I create products. There’s a huge variety of phono stages on the market, so I’ve not been inspired to create another one. But then people have been pushing me to do one, and then suddenly a piece of wild high-end gear is born.

This product is constructed in a way that it can always be upgraded if the need arises, without costing a small fortune. Everything is analog and the design reflects this as well, with a different look than our other products.

The phono stage is a dual mono version with the best transformers available and the best paper in oil capacitors in the world. The power supply offers no less than 560.000 uf and it uses the fastest capacitors available anywhere.

A lot have gone into making sure these units delivers music in the fastest way possible. There is just as many components under our board as above it, with a lot of customization options for pick-ups.

And the price is very competitive when you think of the pure experience and quality you get with this setup. The sound is ofcourse, as everything from Danish Audio Design International, in a class of it’s own.